Philippide, Alexandru

Philippide, Alexandru


Born Apr. 1, 1900, in Iaşi. Rumanian poet, essayist, and critic. Academician of the Rumanian Academy (1963).

Philippide studied law in Germany and France. He first published his works in 1919. His published writings include the poetry collection Barren Gold (1922), Cliffs Struck by Lightning (1930), and Dreams in the Rumble of Time (1939). In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Philippide wrote literary criticism. After the liberation of Rumania from fascism in 1944, he translated numerous Russian, German, and French literary works. His poetry collection Monologue in Babylon was published in 1967.

Philippide is a representative of philosophical lyricism in Rumanian poetry. His critical essays were collected and published in The Writer and His Art (1968) and European Cardinal Points: A Romantic Horizon (1973).


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