Philips Wouwerman

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Wouwerman, Philips


(also Wouwermans). Baptized May 24, 1619, in Haarlem; buried there May 23, 1668. Dutch painter.

Wouwerman was a pupil of F. Hals ano worked regularly in Haarlem. He did genre and landscape paintings that are distinguished by their picturesqueness, easy elegance of style, and delicate rendering of light and air. His early paintings (The Forge, National Gallery, London) are simple and realistic and depict mainly the life of the people. Wouwerman’s later works (hunting scenes, cavalry skirmishes, and worldly pastimes) are characterized by their entertaining quality, showiness, and elegant silvery tone.


Die Meisterbilder von Wouwerman: Eine Auswahl. Berlin, 1907.