Philomena of Dacia, Peter

Philomena of Dacia, Peter,


Peter Nightingale,

fl. 1291–1303, Danish astronomer and mathematician. He taught at the Univ. of Bologna (1291–92) and in Paris, and was a canon of Roskilde Cathedral, Denmark. His works include Commentarius in Algorismum vulgarum (1291), a commentary on Johannes de SacroboscoSacrobosco, Johannes de
, or John of Hollywood,
c.1200–1256, English mathematician and astronomer. He wrote several widely read and influential books: Algorismus,
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's calculations with Hindu-Arabic numerals, including a method for extracting cube roots; Kalendarium, an astronomical calendar for the years 1292–1369; and Tractatus eclipsorii, a treatise on the construction and use of a tool for computing eclipses of the sun and moon.
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