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Browne, Hablot Knight

Browne, Hablot Knight (hăbˈlō), pseud. Phiz, 1815–82, English illustrator. At 21 he was chosen by Charles Dickens to illustrate Pickwick Papers. His success was immediate, and in due course he illustrated many of Dickens's novels as well as works of Harrison Ainsworth and Charles Lever. Browne also contributed popular cartoons to Punch and painted numerous watercolors and several oils.


See biography by V. B. Lester (new ed. 2006).

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real name Hablot Knight Browne. 1815--82, English painter, noted for his illustrations for Dickens' novels
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Look at Old Stony Phiz and then at the Old Man of the Mountain, and see if they are not as like as two twin brothers!'
In the midst of all this gallant array came an open barouche, drawn by four white horses; and in the barouche, with his massive head uncovered, sat the illustrious statesman, Old Stony Phiz himself.
'Then so much the worse for the Great Stone Face!' answered his neighbor; and again he set up a shout for Old Stony Phiz.
Gathergold, and old Blood-and-Thunder, and Old Stony Phiz. Yes, Ernest, it is my doom.
Pecksniff, at center of the Phiz image, is the ultimate example of this tendency.
Frank, together with Charley Phillips, from the Ogden Trust, which promotes the teaching and learning of physics, officially opened a new Phiz Lab.
'Please accept the unworthy little phiz as the phiz of a friend,' she wrote to one with typical self-effacement.
William Hogarth's profound influence is reflected in the work of artists Hablot Knight Browne ('Phiz') and William Powell Frith.
Suolinio zadinimo signalu parametrai Koordinate "Matlab" Suolio Apkrovos zymejimas laikas, s dydis x Px 0 1 N z Pz 0 1 N [[phi].sub.x] Phix 0 1 Nm [[phi].sub.y] Phiy 0,5 1 Nm [[phi].sub.z] Phiz 1,0 1 Nm
CHILDREN from a school in Tile Hill are set to become science experts after the opening of their new 'Phiz Lab.'.
The illustrations by Phiz (aka Hablot Browne) that appeared in the monthly serial parts as well as in the bound first edition of Bleak House reinforce the verbally invoked visual details but oddly do not augment them very much.