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A calculus in a vein.



a calculus in a vein formed as a result of the invasion of a thrombus, or blood clot, by connective tissue and the deposition therein of calcium salts. The formation of a phlebolith is associated with thrombophlebitis, usually of a varicose vein. The presence of a phlebolith is asymptomatic; a phlebolith of a deep vein is usually detected by roentgenography. A phlebolith does not require treatment.

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3-4) In our patient the calcified lesion represented phleboliths often seen in venous malformations.
Five out of seven patients (71%) had evidence on examination and imaging of phleboliths within the mass.
Assessment of the clinical utility of the rim and comet-tail signs in differentiating ureteral stones from phleboliths.
Plain films help to differentiate between phleboliths and calculi by showing a radiolucent centre in 66% cases.
Vascular lesion of the masseter presenting with phlebolith.
Hemangioma with phlebolith has been reported in parotid and submandibular glands, mentalis muscle and buccal regions.
11) By definition, these multiple enchondromas are associated with soft tissue swelling and calcifications and phleboliths, which are typical of hemangiomas.
The preliminary image also enables identification of radiopaque structures in the pelvis area that may confuse interpretation of cystographic images, such as bony abnormalities of the pelvis, air or stool in the bowel, clips from previous surgical procedures, brachytherapy seeds in the prostate, ventriculoperitoneal shunt tubing, and phleboliths (see Figure 6).
Zachariades et al reported two cases in which phleboliths were associated with masseteric muscle hypertrophy.