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(engineering acoustics)
Production of speech sounds.
Any sound mace during speech.



in phonetics, the physical process of forming audible speech sounds. Phonation, the combined activity of the vocal apparatus, results in articulation. The term also designates the acoustic features of a sound that result in its aural perception and analysis. The production and perception of sounds interact in accordance with the principle of feedback. In the formation of a sound, the speaker’s acoustic regulation plays an important role, and in the perception of a sound, acoustic (sensory) analysis is supplemented by the listener’s internal articulatory (motor) regulation; that is, by analysis through synthesis.

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Thus, measurements of periodicity have a potential difficulty in discriminating breathy voice from other types of aperiodic phonation, such as creaky voice (see Blankenship, "The Time Course of Breathiness").
MTP IV is the extreme form of supraglottic muscle tension in which there is a complete sphincter-like closure of the supraglottis during phonation.
Phonation: Sustained phonation of the vowels /a/ and /i/.
20) stimulated the ISLN by inserting needle electrodes around the ISLN for normal awake participants and reported voice break during phonation in 1 of their 3 subjects.
Effects on vocal fold collision and phonation threshold pressure of resonance tube phonation with tube end in water.
Maximum Phonation Time (MPT) is the longest period, during which a patient can sustain phonation of a vowel sound.
As it happens, articulations with a delay before phonation shorter than 25 milliseconds are perceived as [b] while otherwise equivalent articulations with a delay before phonation longer than 25 milliseconds are perceived as [p].
Our results show a correlation between the years of chronicity of the disorder and the impairment of intersyllabic and phonation trajectories.
The major features of UVCP include breathy and husky phonation.
Type 2 thyroplasty--This procedure changes the shape of the thyroid cartilage to relax and lateralize the vocal folds slightly to enable easier phonation (Isshiki, Yamamoto, & Fukagai, 2004).
The production of speech focuses on respiration, phonation, articulation and the co-ordination of these elements.
Although lip-smacking makes a quiet sound (similar to "p p p p"), it is not accompanied by phonation, which is produced by vocal cord vibration in the "voice box" or larynx.