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The ICL oil additives business provides phosphorus pentasulfide used in the preparation of ZDDP-based lubricant additives, in engine anti-wear solutions that lead to prolonged combustion engine function, as well as in pesticide and mining chemicals applications.
This is followed by other important derivitavies such as industrial phosphates, phosphoric acid, phosphorus chloride, phosphorus pentasulfide and phosphorus pentoxide.
ICL today announced that its ICL Performance Products operating segment ( ICL-PP ) has agreed to acquire the phosphorus pentasulfide (P2S5) business assets and operations of Thermphos International B.
In August, for instance, Taiwan seized a shipment of phosphorus pentasulfide, a so-called dual use chemical that is largely used in the production of pesticides.
Despite strong protests from the ship's crew, local authorities boarded the ship and detained a total of 158 barrels of phosphorus pentasulfide, believed to be used for military purposes.
Thermal phosphoric acid takes the largest share, and next are phosphorus trichloride and phosphorus pentasulfide.
TA) announced today the acquisition by its ICL Performance Products operating segment (ICL-PP), a manufacturer of phosphorus pentasulfide (P2S5) in North America, of the acquisition of the P2S5 business assets and operations of Thermphos International BV (NL), located in Knapsack, Germany.
Table III-6 Main phosphorus pentasulfide producers in the world, 2008
Figure III-16 Consumption structure of phosphorus pentasulfide by application volume, 2008
Figure III-18 Structure of yellow phosphorus consumption in phosphorus pentasulfide by country, 2008
Besides, malathion price is mainly influenced by the supply of raw materials, including maleic anhydride, phosphorus pentasulfide, ethanol and methanol, which are all commodity chemicals with sufficient supply and relatively low prices.