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Photocatalytic reactions were carried out in a roaring photochemical reactor (Figure 1).
Photochemical Reactor. The experiments were carried out in a cylindrical photo reactor (Fig.
The experiments were carried out in a 250 mL glass immersion-based photochemical reactor, charged with 100 mL of aqueous solution, where the solution was illuminated by means of a low-pressure, 10 W mercury lamp with 90% emittance at 254 nm, located axially and held in a quartz immersion tube.
The experiments were carried out in a 5 L glass immersion photochemical reactor. The main body of reactor was cylindrical with the radius of 10.5 cm bearing the structure of double jackets.
The paper investigates the performance of a solar photochemical reactor to disinfect water using direct photolysis (solar UV radiation only) and photodynamic inactivation via two exogenous photosensitisers (methylene blue and malachite green).
The photochemical reactor was of annular geometry (500 ml volume) with a cylindrical low-pressure mercury lamp (UV-C Cathodeon TUV 6WE) emitting at 254 nm [1, 4, 6].
The school received a number of other pieces of equipment as well, including an Ion Chromatograph, a Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, an Infrared Spectrophotometer, a Photochemical Reactor, a Flash Chromatography System, a Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer and a Drop Shape Analyzer.
In a previous study by our research team, Longo and Ricci [30] proposed a novel fully integrated MW/UV photochemical reactor, which is easy to use, safe to handle, and reliable.

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