Eidetic Memory

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Eidetic Memory


a particular type of pictorial memory, primarily of visual impressions, that permits one to retain and reproduce an extraordinarily vivid image of a previously perceived object—an image that in clarity and detail is almost a copy of the originally perceived image.

Eidetic memory is present in some form and to some degree in all persons, and especially in children and teen-agers, but is seldom encountered in a clear-cut form. One of the first to describe eidetic memory was the Russian researcher Urbanchich (1907). The basic research on eidetic images was done by the German psychologist E. Jaensch and his students in the 1920’s.


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Boies's nearly photographic memory absorbed the information and used it effectively in the Calcomp trial; he could restate a witness's prior testimony word for word.
Nude shots were recovered from the photographic memory of Turner's camera.
An intelligent quick study with a near photographic memory, the 5' 6" Underwood has shown facility in a wide range of roles.
She also has a photographic memory, which (ticks) me off as an actor.
Brazile has been thick in the tangled affairs of national politics, and her story gives fascinating insight into how one enters and navigates that world: She is a woman with a talent for organizing (she formed neighborhood enterprises as a child), an obsession with record keeping (she started keeping a diary at 5), a photographic memory (she says, and the book's detail lends that claim credibility), and a perceived score to settle with those on the wrong side of history.
His students whispered that Nagy had memorized an entire Bartok Piano Concerto, without the aid of a piano, using his extraordinary photographic memory, while en route by train to a European concert where he was to be soloist that night.
PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY by William Claxton (power-House Books, $65) An album of Hollywood personalities from the '50s and '60s, with unposed portraits of familiar faces (Shelley Winters, Shirley MacLaine, Marlene Dietrich included) that look so fresh and new, you wonder where the they've been hiding them all this time.
Born in 1960, my friend is a brilliant and cultured scholar, possesses a photographic memory, and gives off such terrible nervous vibrations that normal people grow uneasy and leave the room.
By the age of 12, the gifted student with a photographic memory was auditioning for drama roles in New York City theaters.
He has a photographic memory, and witnesses to that skill come from every period of his life.
Despite his linguistic versatility (Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic), despite his wide reading and an apparently photographic memory, Fernando spoiled his work with hasty writing and sloppy scholarship.

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