Photographic Plates

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Plates, Photographic


photosensitive materials in the form of sheets of glass coated with an emulsion of silver-halide microcrystals uniformly distributed in gelatin. The glass must be colorless, smooth, and without visible defects. Photographic plates are made in various standard sizes, ranging from 4.5 × 6 to 50 × 60 cm.

Photographic plates are classified as either general purpose or special purpose, depending on their photographic properties. General-purpose plates are used for artistic and documentary photography and for various scientific and technical purposes. Plates of this type that are manufactured in the USSR have varying degrees of light sensitivity (from 22 to 350 GOST [State Standard] units), color sensitivity (orthochromatic, panchromatic, and isopanchromatic), and contrast (normal, high-contrast, and low-contrast).

Special-purpose plates are intended for scientific and technical use and fall into the following subgroups: (1) diapositive—non-sensitized, low-sensitivity, and high-contrast; (2) reproduction— high-contrast; (3) micro (for photomicrography)—high-definition orthochromatic; (4) astronomical—high-sensitivity and high-contrast; (5) spectral UV—with increased sensitivity to violet and ultraviolet rays; (6) infrachromatic—sensitive to infrared rays; and (7) phototheodolite—orthochromatic, high-contrast, high-definition, and high-resolution.

All photographic plates are packaged in cardboard boxes with opaque packing. General-purpose plates are processed with general-purpose developers, but most special-purpose plates require special developers. A photographic plate’s emulsion swells in water and photographic solutions and can melt at 37° -40°C. For this reason, the use of photographic plates at higher temperatures is not recommended.


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About five years ago, Clowes and Campusano began using an automated scanning machine to examine and digitize tens of thousands of images from a photographic plate taken by the U.
Looming ahead, notes McMahon, are radio surveys that will search for quasars so distant and so highly redshifted that they would not appear on photographic plates.
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1334-22 of the Code of Public Health,- Sampling,- Analysis of the samples by an accredited laboratory,- Establishment of a demolition before tracking report (RAD), including - The exact location of (MCA) materials containing asbestos: Building - Floor - owned - local, included making photographic plates,- Their quantities and their conservation status,- The recommendations on the modalities of withdrawal.
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This volume begins with a list of photographic plates (ix), notes on contributors (x-xvi), acknowledgments (xvii), and an introduction by the editors (1-16).
The second edition of the Encyclopedia of Native Tribes of North America features a new and more intuitive format, additional photographic plates, updates and corrections, and an illustrated glossary.
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