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international art movement of the late 1960s and 70s that stressed the precise rendering of subject matter, often taken from actual photographs or painted with the aid of slides. Also known as superrealism, the style stressed objectivity and technical proficiency in producing images of photographic clarity, often street scenes or portraits. Well-known American photorealists include the painters Chuck CloseClose, Chuck
(Charles Thomas Close), 1940–, American painter, b. Monroe, Wash., grad. Univ. of Washington (B.A., 1962), Yale Univ. (B.F.A., 1963; M.F.A., 1964). After studying in Vienna (1964–65), he moved (1968) to New York City.
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 and Richard EstesEstes, Richard,
1936–, American painter, b. Evanston, Ill. One of the best-known American exponents of photorealism, Estes is noted for his street scenes.
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 and the sculptor Duane HansonHanson, Duane,
1925–96, American sculptor, b. Alexandria, Minn. A member of the superrealist movement of the late 1960s and early 70s, Hanson produced life-sized tableaux of realistic figures and props.
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See also contemporary artcontemporary art,
the art of the late 20th cent. and early 21st cent., both an outgrowth and a rejection of modern art. As the force and vigor of abstract expressionism diminished, new artistic movements and styles arose during the 1960s and 70s to challenge and displace
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A current exhibition is the fantastic photorealist paintings of John Salt.
The London-born artist, who this year was voted the people's favourite for his detailed photorealist depiction of the Financial Fools' Day protest, outside the Bank of England, took the same award in 2006.
EARTHLINGS: THE PAINTINGS OF TOM PALMORE deserves repeated and ongoing recommendation for any college-level arts library strong in the Photorealist movement.
One of the stunners in the show, though, should be the 55-inch-by-70-inch photorealist work Monopoli by talented young painter Raphaella Spence, who spent time dangling from a helicopter to shoot pictures of our own Sarasota shoreline in order to reproduce it in perfect detail; one local collector promptly snapped that one up before agreeing to display it here.
The cornerstone of the exhibit is the photorealist paintings from the Louis K.
Van Niekerk's story is interspersed with reproductions of photorealist paintings, most of them of the inside and outside of Tygerberg Hospital, by Adriaan van Zyl.
Palmore's artistic style was a maverick style: he emerged from the 1970s Photorealist movement and has exhibited in some of New York's finest galleries--but used his technical knowledge to paint the animal kingdom.
Students giggle at the silly juxtapositions of Dali, and are in awe of the photorealist sculpture of Duane Hanson and the paintings of Chuck Close.
Upon encountering the title work in the first room, Because of Him, 1966 (all work 2008), a large installation of infinitely reflecting mirrors, at first you're left scratching your head over how it connects up to the 1960s-style photorealist paintings on display in the rest of the space.
As it turns out, the gallery owner who became Marla's dealer is a bitter photorealist painter, and he hoped that her success would prove that all modern art is one big, money-grubbing hoax.
Though best known for his views of New York, Estes has painted scenes of the places he's traveled--Venice, Alaska, and Maine, among others--in the same startling photorealist style.
But Downes, on view at Betty Cuningham, is one photorealist who defies expectations; he has more in common with the realist landscapes of Dutch masters than with Eastman Kodak.