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FotoCanvas also supports a wide variety of file formats, Adobe Photoshop filter plug-ins, and provides TWAIN support for digital cameras and scanners.
Available products also include Image Doctor(R), the only Photoshop filter set to offer selection-based image repair, and Eye Candy 5: Textures, a new collection of ten seamless texture generators.
These capabilities go significantly beyond the standard Photoshop filter interface which permits only limited sets of modal image-editing operations.
In a related development, Bill Niffenegger, noted digital artist and designer, author of the best-selling Photoshop Filter Finesse for Random House Electronic Publishing, winner of the Grand Award for the International Design Competition sponsored by Microtek, digital art teacher at AFI, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, and lecturer at international conferences, has come on board as Senior Creative Advisor to XAOS Tools.
This learn by video guide to Adobe Photoshop Filters provides combined text and video tutorials for performing common tasks with this popular effects and overlay system for photo manipulation.
Learn how to create complex images without source material, photos or files from other software packages using techniques that blend artistry with keys to manipulating the latest Photoshop filters.
As he did with pictures of his own work, he applies various readymade Photoshop filters to the found files until they become abstract compositions.
He was even known to go buck-wild with Photoshop filters and later claim it was part of the original film.
In the demonstration application which provides hardware acceleration for Photoshop filters, we wanted to show a complete system using standard tools available today for doing field upgrades," said Rich Sevcik, senior vice president software, cores and support at Xilinx.
Among the range of Photoshop capabilities that can be accessed using PhotoScripter: -- Open and save documents in various file formats -- Query and change image attributes, including size, resolution, color space (mode), and image documents' NAA/IPTC file information -- Create new documents, layers, channels, paths and more -- Fill, stroke, draw lines and make gradients; flip, rotate and transform -- Create and apply new monitor (RGB), printing (CMYK) and profile setups -- Perform all Photoshop image adjustments; flatten layers -- Apply Photoshop filters and effects
Software supplied with the CZAR permits the card to be used to accelerate many Macintosh applications, including Adobe Photoshop filters, 3-D rendering, and print rasterization.
QX-Tools includes 10 general productivity XTensions, including customizable toolbars, as well as tools for navigating, applying character styles, scaling multiple objects, managing layers, printing non-consecutive page ranges, applying Photoshop filters to images in QuarkXPress, and more.