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(fō`təstăt'), reproduction of any printed or simple black-and-white material, such as drawings or manuscripts, made by the Photostat, a photographic camera. While slower and more expensive than xerographyxerography
, also called electrophotography, method of dry photocopying in which the image is transferred by using the attractive forces of electric charges. A beam of light, usually from a laser, is made to strike the original material, e.g., a white page with black lettering.
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, the process is still used where a high degree of resolution is desired, as in publishing.
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a device used to make photographic copies of two-dimensional originals—blueprints, drawings, and similar documents; it consists of a camera, lighting fixtures, and attachments for holding the original. A Photostat is capable of producing enlarged, reduced, or identical copies on roll photographic paper (ordinary or reversal). Photostats are usually produced in unit with devices for the automatic chemical processing of the photocopies.

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He announced 'empowering' station investigation officers (SIOs) and provisions of computers, printers and photostat machines to investigation officers.
The solar system procured for the secretariat building has the capacity to run 30 air conditioners, split units, over 100 laser printers, fax machines, Photostat machines, over 2,000 bulbs, around 700 fans and 360 desktop computers in the entire building.
Police would impose heavy fines on photostat machines those would found working near the examination centers during the examination process, Iftikhar ul Mulk said.
The operation of photostat machines around the examination centres during examination hours will also be prohibited.
The shop keepers have rented out the passages to stamp vendors, hotel owners and owners of Photostat machines. They are extorting monthly rent from the vendors.
Similarly, the shops of photostat machines located near the exam centres should not be allowed to open during the examinations, he directed adding that those found violating the directives in this regard must be arrested.
Photostat machines will not be allowed to run during examinations in the vicinity of the centres.