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(fō`təstăt'), reproduction of any printed or simple black-and-white material, such as drawings or manuscripts, made by the Photostat, a photographic camera. While slower and more expensive than xerographyxerography
, also called electrophotography, method of dry photocopying in which the image is transferred by using the attractive forces of electric charges. A beam of light, usually from a laser, is made to strike the original material, e.g., a white page with black lettering.
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, the process is still used where a high degree of resolution is desired, as in publishing.



a device used to make photographic copies of two-dimensional originals—blueprints, drawings, and similar documents; it consists of a camera, lighting fixtures, and attachments for holding the original. A Photostat is capable of producing enlarged, reduced, or identical copies on roll photographic paper (ordinary or reversal). Photostats are usually produced in unit with devices for the automatic chemical processing of the photocopies.

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Other case studies involve conversion of engineering drawings to CAD at Martin Marietta Manned Space Systems and conversion of archival photostatic deed records in Fairfax Country, Virginia.
Part of the Danwood Group, Danwood Wales was formed in 2009 through the acquisitions of Cardiff-based Algebra and Bridgend-based Photostatic.
In the age of digital documents, one has to think back even before the advent of the photocopier and recognize that while Terry worked, actual reproduction of documents was possible only with the Photostatic copier.
American composers and musicologists referred to these as "ozalid proofs"; Bartok usually called these scores "Lichtpausen," borrowing the term used by his Viennese publisher for photostatic reproductions.
Furthermore, the National Library could not even afford the P25,000 demanded by the seller for the right to make photostatic reproductions of the collection.
The launch of the new Print Ecology brand follows the formation of Danwood Wales in 2009 as a result of its acquisition of Cardiffbased Algebra and Photostatic of Bridgend in 2009.
Parts for the Beyer quintet, which are also available only upon request, were unavailable for review, although Harrassowitz does offer photostatic copies for sale.
The acquisition follows the formation of Danwood Wales in 2009 as a result of its acquisition of Cardiff-based Algebra and Photostatic of Bridgend in 2009.