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(organic chemistry)
C8H5NO2 The product made by heating phthalic anhydride with ammonia; used in Gabriel's synthesis of primary amines, amino acids, and anthranilic acid (o-aminobenzoic acid).
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a colorless crystalline substance, with limited solubility in water and alcohol and a boiling point of 238°C. Exhibiting the properties of a weak acid, phthalimide interacts with alkaline solutions, for example, to form metallic derivatives, such as C8H4O2NK, which are used for the synthesis of primary amines

and α-amino acids (Gabriel’s reaction) in the production of anthranilic acid. N-halogen-substituted phthalimides, obtained by the interaction of phthalimide with chlorine and bromine, for example, C8H4O2NBr, are used in laboratory practice for the halogenation of organic compounds. Phthalimide is prepared from phthalic anhydride and the carbonate of ammonium or ammonia.

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