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A metamorphic rock intermediate in grade between slate and schist, and derived from argillaceous sediments; has a silky sheen on the cleavage surface.
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a metamorphic rock that consists mainly of minute flakes of sericite or chlorite and is characterized by a fine schistosity. Phyllite also contains grains of detrital quartz and sometimes contains protogenous albite crystals. Phyllite is usually dark gray or black. It is formed during low-grade regional metamorphism of predominantly argillaceous sediments and is intermediate in metamorphic grade between clay slate and mica schist. (See alsoSLANTSY.)

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The foliation type in the Phyllite, meta-sandstone unit (K05) is continues and very fine grain, fabric elements are homogeneously distributed in the rock.
[32, 33], the metamorphic rock in this area consists of schist, slate, phyllite, and other associated mineral elements that resulted from intense pressure between the igneous and sedimentary rocks over time to the current texture, structure, and composition.
The substrate consisted of tailings from the processing of B1 ore, which is a highly weathered phyllite, with sulfide contents around 3.0 g [kg.sup.-1], collected in Paracatu, MG, Brazil.
Dominant parent rock includes biotite, gneiss, schist, slate, quartzite, phyllite, amphibolite and granite.
The bedrock is of Cambro-Silurian origin (amphibolite, greenschist, and calcareous phyllite) and the Quaternary deposits consist of peat, till, glacifluvial, and loessic accumulations.
Uranium(VI) sorption onto phyllite and selected minerals in the presence of humic acid.
The Barachois River Metamorphic Suite outcrops as K-feldspar augen gneiss in the northern part of the area of interest, but shows lower metamorphic grade to the south where the lithologies are schist, phyllite, metasiltstone and metawacke (Shawwa 2013).
In paper Study on Highly Weathered Phyllite Filling Subgrade Technical Highway [3], and under the basis of intense weathered phyllite protolith basic physical mechanical test and packing engineering characteristic test, Mao Xuesong, et al conducted improvement on padding whose bearing ratio does not meet the highway roadbed filling mechanical properties.
The main rocks of Mineki Gol area are characterised by quartz, mica schist, marble, tourmaline, calcsilicate quartzite, phyllite and leucogranite.
Biotite phyllite, quartz muscovite schist, quartzite, chert, limestone, and sandstone fragments are present.
Breadroot, " is an endangered species with only three known populations, one on serpentine in Georgia and two on phyllite in South Carolina.