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A metamorphic rock intermediate in grade between slate and schist, and derived from argillaceous sediments; has a silky sheen on the cleavage surface.



a metamorphic rock that consists mainly of minute flakes of sericite or chlorite and is characterized by a fine schistosity. Phyllite also contains grains of detrital quartz and sometimes contains protogenous albite crystals. Phyllite is usually dark gray or black. It is formed during low-grade regional metamorphism of predominantly argillaceous sediments and is intermediate in metamorphic grade between clay slate and mica schist. (See alsoSLANTSY.)

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In all cases, the exposed basement rock is metasedimentary rock of the McMillan Flowage Formation, occurring as phyllite in Christopher MacLeod Brook, chlorite schist in Baddeck River, and chlorite-muscovite schist in Big Glen Brook and at least two unnamed tributary brooks draining into it.
Field Experimental Analysis of Wetting Deformation of Filled Subgrade with Weathered Phyllite.
Breadroot, " is an endangered species with only three known populations, one on serpentine in Georgia and two on phyllite in South Carolina.
Occurrence of a uraniferous-vanadiniferous graphitic phyllite in the Koli Nappes of the Stekenjokk area, central Swedish Caledonides.
The outcrop is dominated by phyllite west of the contact, and by the metaconglomeratic Dean Formation, east of the contact.
The studies conducted concluded that the slate / phyllite, greywacke, chert, and quartzite are the major contributor to ASR malady in Warsak's powerhouse concrete(Chaudhry and Zaka, 1994)[7].
The 106 selected papers consider such topics as extracting alumina from sericite phyllite, preparing sulfur-free expanded graphite using an induction heating method, gemological characteristics of amber from Myanmar and Chinese Fushun, theoretical and experimental studies on the strength and stiffness of vacuum glazing, cyclic contact fatigue of dental porcelain, testing and evaluating the chloride ion penetrability of concrete under compressive stress, and three-dimensional impedance representation for microwave absorptive ceramics.
Phyllite is also a metamorphic rock, effectively fine-grained schist, with minerals that are not visible to the naked eye, therefore these artefacts would be included within the greenschist lithology, possibly either as greenschists or metabasalts.
The Gilded Rose gold deposit is contained within the Mt Norma Quartzite member of the Proterozoic Soldiers Cap Group, which consists of quartzite, schist, phyllite and metamorphosed greywacke, amphibolite and metadolerite.
Ukwa Braunite, Hollandite, Pyrolusite Manganese Phyllite, Hematite, Quartz and Apatite.
The rock fragments comprising this unit included chert, jasper, quartzite, phyllite, vein quartz, and acid volcanics.