Physical Quantity

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Physical Quantity


an attribute that, in a qualitative respect, is a universal characteristic of many physical objects—that is, of physical systems, states of such systems, and processes occurring in such systems—but, in a quantitative respect, is independent for every object. Length, mass, and electrical resistance are examples of physical quantities that characterize the properties of objects; pressure, temperature, and magnetic induction are some of the physical quantities that characterize the state of a system; velocity and power are two of the physical quantities that characterize processes.

Various measurement methods are used for the quantitative evaluation of a physical quantity, that is, for determining the value of a physical quantity as a certain number of the units adopted for the quantity. Letter symbols are assigned to the physical quantities used in the equations of physics that express the relationships between the quantities in physical objects.

The term “physical quantity” is used not only in physics but also in other sciences, such as chemistry and biology, when a quantitative comparison of the properties of objects under study is performed by physical methods (seeMETROLOGY and DIMENSIONS).

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Proposed research the only physical quantities not affected by the nonlinearity are eigenvalues, Associated with the optical fibre propagation equation.
All other physical quantities, such as length, mass and time would continue to exist if the human species were to become extinct.
Paramount among them are the so called constants of motion, they say, which are physical quantities that are conserved along the solution trajectories of a large set of differential systems named conservation problems.
The solution then is applied to the case of a model photon to determine the constant parameter values of the solution from physical quantities of the photon, which in turn provides a view on the model photon.
First we consider the case where multiple sensors measure the same physical quantity redundantly and then we consider the case of multiple sensors measuring different physical quantities.
com)-- PC-based data acquisition is the process of measuring physical quantities and conditions existing in the real world (e.
Instruments for measuring physical quantities (PH/9/-/1).
In order to achieve the described properties an adequate measurement system should be installed on the synchronous generator or the existing one should be modified in order to measure and monitor some specific physical quantities.
Fringe pattern analysis is used to extract the hidden phase distributions that generally relate to the physical quantities being measured by imaging technologies, explains Kemao (Nanyang Technological U.
The physical quantities in the plane of the disk, are defined and calculated such as, the epicyclic frequency, k, the vertical frequency, v, and the circular velocity, [v.
We modified these equations under the gravitational potential of r,then the numerical results give us the graphs which combine the physical quantities are r radius, B gyroradius and dimensionless measure of the pressure anisotropies .
The economic definition of productivity is, fundamentally, the relation between the physical quantities of outputs and the physical quantities of inputs.