Physiological Society

Physiological Society


(full name, I. P. Pavlov All-Union Physiological Society), a scientific society uniting Soviet specialists in human and animal physiology.

The Physiological Society grew out of the I. M. Sechenov Society of Russian Physiologists, which was founded in April 1917 at the First Congress of Physiologists on the initiative of such scientists as I. P. Pavlov and N. E. Vvedenskii. In 1930 the society was renamed the All-Union Society of Physiologists, Biochemists, and Pharmacologists, and since 1960, after independent societies of biochemists and pharmacologists were organized, it has been called the Physiological Society. The chairmen of its administrative board have been I. P. Pavlov (1917–36), L. A. Orbeli (1937–50, 1956–58), I. P. Razenkov (1934–37, 1950–54), A. V. Palladin (1955–56), and P. S. Kupalov (1959–64). In 1964, L. G. Voronin became chairman of the administrative board (president).

In 1976 the Physiological Society had 99 divisions: 14 republic divisions and 85 city divisions, including those in Moscow and Leningrad. The main functions of the society are to maintain contact with medical, pedagogical, zootechnical, and other institutions, to provide assistance with methods of teaching physiology in higher educational institutions, and to publicize advances in physiology. Twelve congresses of the society have been held, the latest in 1975 in Tbilisi.

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According to the study conducted by The Physiological Society, an obese pregnant mother and exposure to a high fat, high sugar diet during pregnancy produces a "fatty liver" in the fetus, potentially predisposing children to obesity, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders later in life.
I think priority of players' safety should be taken over the amount of money they make from multiple games in a short period of time," Formenti, a trustee of The Physiological Society, said.
The study is part of the BBC Learning's Terrific Scientific campaign - designed to inspire schoolchildren to pursue a career in science - and part-funded by the University of Edinburgh and the Physiological Society.
The 15th Biennial International Pakistan Physiological Society Conference was held at Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal on 25th-26th February 2017.
Scientific papers published by the American Physiological Society claim Gatland's way is a far more effective form of altitude training, which is geared to naturally increase the number of oxygen-carrying blood cells in the body.
HYDERABAD -- The 14th Biennial International Conference of Pakistan Physiological Society organized by Department of Physiology, University of Sindh concluded here Monday with the recommendations to highlight the burning issues of psycho physiological aspects of cancer through various means, including media.
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Recently, traffic from a set of journals from the American Physiological Society (APS) was studied, and it was found that PubMed Central's (PMC's) version of APS content decreased HTML views at the journal sites by about 14%.
King is a member of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research and the Physiological Society.
Selkurt, a well-known renal physiologist, held a Visiting Professorship in the UPR-SOM Department of Physiology in 1968, and became the 49th President of the American Physiological Society in 1976.
As reported by the American Physiological Society, the two researchers treated two groups of diabetic patients for a year with standard cholesterol drugs, but one group also used humor as "medicine" while the other did not.

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