Physiological Solution

Physiological Solution


an artificially prepared solution similar to blood plasma in salt composition and osmotic pressure. Physiological solutions are used in physiological experiments with isolated organs and in clinical practice, for example, in the treatment of dehydration and blood loss. The infusion of large quantities of a physiological solution, however, may cause edema of internal organs as a result of the penetration of water and salts into the tissues. In the case of physiological solutions used as blood substitutes, various compounds, for example, high-molecular-weight polysaccharides and specially treated proteins, are added to glucose saline solutions. A number of physiological solutions are named after the scientists who developed them (see Table 1).


Fiziologiia cheloveka. Edited by E. B. Babskii. Moscow, 1972.


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9% physiological solution (control group PS), a 7% Tween 80 suspension (control group TW-80), Dexamethasone (1 mg/Kg), Ketoprofen (10 mg/Kg), Diclofenac sodium (25 mg/Kg), GA and KA (16, 32 and 64 mg/Kg).
The use of piezoelectric inserts and the conic-shaped sinus elevator CS1, guarantees a watertight system in a way that the pressure of the physiological solution, contained in a dedicated instrument called Physiolifter, effectively detaches the sinus membrane.
Thus, it was stated that incubation of plasma formed elements in mediums different from physiological solution leads to increasing intensiveness of hemocytes' fluorescence, which is evidence of increase of their energetic metabolism's level.
In this study, DMA was cured into a silicone matrix at 5%, 10% and 15% concentrations (m/m) along with varying concentrations of excipient A (0-20%) or excipient B (0-12%), The silicone sample was placed in a simulated physiological environment and HPLC analysis was conducted daily on the eluent, allowing quantification of drug release into the physiological solution on a daily basis over 14 days.
9 per cent sodium chloride in water is called a physiological solution because it is isosmotic with blood plasma.
After that, 30ml of an ionic iodinated contrast media (sodium amidotrizoate associated with meglumine amidotrizoate (a)) was diluted with 30ml of physiological solution 0.
After immersion, the specimens were then removed, washed with 1 mL of sterile distilled water and transferred to tubes containing 1 mL of sterile physiological solution (0.
After the period of effective diabetic state the animals of the group I received subcutaneous insulin during 20 days, while the mice of the groups II and III received physiological solution simulating the experimental conditions.
The Effect of Temperature on the Nucleation of Corrosion Pits on Titanium in Ringer's Physiological Solution.
Contract awarded for the university of chile, for hospital of the university of chile, hereinafter and indistinctly the "hospital", establishment of medical teaching and service high complexity calls tender for the acquisition by the delivery system of semirigido physiological solution, which is governed by these rules.

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