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the art of piano playing.

Pianism emerged in the second half of the 18th century, with the artistry of Mozart and M. Clementi and later, J. N. Hummel and J. Field. The art flourished in the mid-19th century (Chopin and Liszt). The representatives of the various schools of pianism from the end of the 19th century to the mid-20th include H. von Bülow, C. Tausig, I. Paderewski, A. Reisenauer, E. d’Albert, F. Busoni, L. Godowsky, J. Hofmann, A. Cortot, A. Schnabel, W. Gieseking, V. Horowitz, A. Benedetti Michelangeli, and G. Gould. In the post-Lisztian period, outstanding contributions to pianism have been made by the Russian school (A. G. Rubinstein, N. G. Rubinstein, A. N. Esipova, and S. V. Rachmaninoff), as well as by the Soviet school (for example, K. N. Igumnov, G. G. Neigauz, M. V. Iudina, V. V. Sofronitskii, E. G. Gilel’s, and S. T. Rikhter). Special courses on the history, theory, and methodology of pianism are offered in Soviet conservatories.


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It should he said that Leikin successfully avoids tainting his scholarship--his reconstruction methodology and analyses with such bias, although the broader point to and significance of such detailed analyses-of Scriabin's pianism are insufficiently examined.
The companion to The mechanical muse; the piano, pianism and piano music, c.
Another century on and Beethoven: Last Three Piano Sonatas, Artur Pizarro (Linn CKD 225) features some dynamic pianism.
There is an integrity to his pianism that commands respect.
A young New York student was to make a piano transcription of El Salon Mexico for Copland, a formidable piece of pianism which was bravely played at Chester Festival several years ago.
On Saturday night, Mustonen, one of Salonen's favorite collaborators, brought kinetic yet intellectual pianism to the ``Movements'' for Piano and Orchestra, the Concerto for Piano and Winds and the ``Capriccio'' for Piano and Orchestra.
After his Carnegie Hall debut, the New York Times lauded Richerme's "elegantly refined pianism, impeccable technical command and great variety of tones.
The Schumann Piano Concerto could not have been a better choice for his debut in the position, full of poignant dialogue between clarinet and piano, and Janes certainly had a formidable collaborator in Stephen Hough, whose pianism combined authority with spontaneous generosity of phrasing.
These pieces are technically and musically sophisticated and require an intermediate- to early-advanced level of pianism.
For those of us familiar with the exquisite pianism of Fred Hersch and his formidable improvisational prowess, the publication of his Valentine.
Terrasson's 2010 Concord Jazz debut Push is an 11-track gem of dynamic pianism that opens up a new door onto his dynamic technique and effervescence.
They focus on mental, cognitive, and developmental disabilities in terms of composers, performers, and representations in music, with specific topics including HIV/AIDS, one-handed pianism, stuttering, autism, illness, and vocal pathology.