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(1) An Italian name for the peso, an old Spanish coin.

(2) The monetary unit of Turkey under the laws of 1844 and 1916, also known as the kurus; in practice, a form of change equal to 1/100 of a Turkish lira or to 40 para.

(3) The monetary unit of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Syria, the Sudan, and Lebanon, equal to 1/100 of a pound. The piaster in these countries is issued both in the form of coins and banknotes.

(4) 1/100 of a Jordanian dinar.

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The Ministry of Environment has approved the Ministry of Electricity's suggestion to pay 103 piasters for energy produced from waste, and they are still negotiating over the value of electricity generated from agricultural residues.
The light brown, oven-inflated discs are produced by more than 20,000 small, government-subsidized bakeries to be sold for five piasters (less than a US penny) apiece, or by private bakeries that sell at a far higher price.
The government is committed to improving the condition of the subsidized loaf of bread which is sold at 5 piasters, Abdel-Khaleq told MENA.
Rather, it just added two or three piasters to already low salaries.
Orange customers can watch Ramadan series one day prior to its screening for 20 piasters per programme requested.
Through this agreement, both Orange Mobile and Wataniya Mobile subscribers will be able to pay a clear and simple unified tariff of 12 piasters a minute for calling internationally, roaming and receiving calls between Jordan and Palestine.
We play monocle and the long creep of official war literature marls our brains, goat-holes filled with shiny piasters.
The main operators and Egypt's oldest mobile providers Mobinil and Vodafone Egypt have offered customers phone calls as cheap as five piasters (one cent) a minute during Ramadan, which ends Sept.
In Vietnam, scrip could be used only on military installations; military personnel spending money on the local economy had to exchange scrip for Vietnamese notes called piasters.
The subsidised bread sells for 5 piasters per loaf against 25 piasters for the non-subsidised bread.
The company seeks to carry out this increase of its capital through inviting old shareholders to underwrite in the stocks of a nominal value of 50 piasters per stock, while activating the right to underwrite separately from the main stock, according to a disclosure sent by the company to the Egyptian stock exchange (EGX).
All operative networks like Vivacell, the country's largest phone network, followed by Zain and MTN, announced charge raise by seven times per a call per minute from 47 piasters to over 3 South Sudanese pounds (SSP) per minute while an international call ranged to 7 pounds per a minute.