Piatra Rosie

Piatra Roşie


a Dacian fortress in existence from the first century B.C. to the beginning of the second century A.D. Piatra Roşie stood atop a hill in Oraştiei (Hunedoara Province, Rumania). Part of a system of defensive structures built by the Dacian leader Burebista, the fortress was destroyed by the Romans during the second campaign against the Dacians (A.D. 105–106). The hill on which the fortress stood was additionally fortified with a stone wall, an earthen bank, and watchtowers, which also served as dwellings. Inside the fortress were dwellings, storehouses, and sanctuaries.

Since 1949 excavations of the ruins have been conducted by the Rumanian archaeologist C. Daicoviciu.


Daicoviciu, C. Cetateă dacică de la Piatra Roşie: Monografie archeologică. Bucharest, 1954. (Published by the National Academy of Rumania.)