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A standard for printing directly from a digital camera without requiring a computer in between. Users can select photos and options (size, number copies, cropping, etc.), and the camera sends the print job to the printer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Introduced in 2002, PictBridge is supported in all new digital cameras, photo printers and photo applications as well as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Also known as the Direct Print Standard (DPS), PictBridge uses Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) commands to manage the session. PTP supports vendor extension numbers that allow proprietary functions in their products to be activated. PTP-IP maps PTP packets onto TCP, enabling images to be transferred wireless over TCP/IP and Wi-Fi to computers and printers.

PictBridge is officially the "CIPA DC-001" standard from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA). For more information, visit www.cipa.jp/pictbridge.

PictBridge Network Stack
The PictBridge software layers run in both the source and destination devices. After DPS Discovery confirms both ends are PictBridge, control is transferred to the DPS app. DPS operations are translated to PTP commands.
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A* Direct print from digital cameras with PictBridge and memory card slots
Print direct with PictBridge, or via a range of card slots or the USB port.
Featuring a sheet-fed design, built in handset and print speeds of up to 24 ppm in black and 17 ppm in color(6), this printer also offers PictBridge support and a 30-page automatic document feeder for only $89.
Image printing has been simplified with the Nokia XpressPrint solution, which enables connection to a wide range of compatible printers and photo kiosks using Bluetooth technology, with the reduced-size MMC card or via industry-standard PictBridge connectivity, which makes it simple for users to print photos on a compatible printer via a USB cable without needing a PC.
The guidelines leverage existing connectivity technology standards and solutions, such as Bluetooth wireless technology, printing from memory cards and PictBridge.
The features of the new printer include a 2,5" built-in LCD screen, improved version of Image Intelligence software, six built-in frame templates for the ID photo printing solution, as well as PictBridge compatibility.
The cameras also feature PictBridge technology to allow for printing to any PictBridge photo printer.
Users can also print digital images by simply pushing the "Easy Direct" button if they have a printer compatible with the PictBridge standard.
announced a standard for inter vendor direct printing with the name of PictBridge.
Multifuncional con calidad fotografica puede imprimir desde la tarjeta de memoria, tambien a traves de la tecnologia PictBridge o por el puerto USB.