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A standard for printing directly from a digital camera without requiring a computer in between. Users can select photos and options (size, number copies, cropping, etc.), and the camera sends the print job to the printer via USB cable or Wi-Fi. Introduced in 2002, PictBridge is supported in all new digital cameras, photo printers and photo applications as well as Windows, Mac and Linux.

Also known as the Direct Print Standard (DPS), PictBridge uses Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) commands to manage the session. PTP supports vendor extension numbers that allow proprietary functions in their products to be activated. PTP-IP maps PTP packets onto TCP, enabling images to be transferred wireless over TCP/IP and Wi-Fi to computers and printers.

PictBridge is officially the "CIPA DC-001" standard from the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA). For more information, visit www.cipa.jp/pictbridge.

PictBridge Network Stack
The PictBridge software layers run in both the source and destination devices. After DPS Discovery confirms both ends are PictBridge, control is transferred to the DPS app. DPS operations are translated to PTP commands.
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Most have camera-card slots for SD and MicroSD plus PictBridge (look for the PB symbol) so you can print straight from a camera, but check yours is compatible.
The SX80 also features USB and PictBridge connectivity for delivering presentations from USB flash drives or PictBridge-enabled cameras, and weighs in at an easy-to-carry 11.5 pounds.
Pictbridge: connect a camera to a Pictbridge enabled printer and print photos at home without a computer.
It accepts a range of memory cards, connects to your camera with PictBridge via USB, and prints from a camera phone or PDA with an optional adapter.
You also get a built-in memory card reader and PictBridge support, so PC-free photo printing is easily achieved.Using the CX6900F to print photos directly from a memory card takes some time the first time around, as the Epson lacks a preview LCD screen.
PictBridge: A printer enabled with PictBridge allows you to print photos at home without a computer.
It works with PTP and PictBridge, industry standards for USB-based image transfer and printing, and transparently provides Wi-Fi functionality to existing image transfer applications.
Together with IrSimple, MIPC provides implementation guidelines for mobile phones using Bluetooth, Infrared, Wi-Fi, Memory Cards and USB (PictBridge) for home and kiosk printers.
Both the Digimax L85 and Digimax i6 cameras also include USB 2.0 high speed connections for quick and easy transfers of captured content and PictBridge for a direct camera-printer connection, allowing photographers to print directly from the digital camera without the need for a personal computer.
FotoNation is the developer of the PTP standard and led Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) in the standardization of PTP-IP, a protocol that allows FotoNation Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) and PictBridge (camera to printer connectivity) to transfer images and other digital media content across TCP/IP and Wi-Fi networks between digital imaging devices and services.
We think PictSync is very Synergetic to PictBridge and expect it will provide extended interoperability to PictBridge capable devices," said Koji Abe, General Manager of Inkjet Division, Canon Japan.