Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge

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Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge

Address:718 Juliette Rd
Hillsboro, GA 31038

Web: www.fws.gov/piedmont
Established: 1939.
Location:In central Georgia, 25 miles north of Macon.
Facilities:Visitor center, viewing sites, auto tour route, trails.
Activities:Fishing, hiking, hunting, educational programs.
Special Features:More than 30 cemeteries are locted on the refuge, and are a link to the settlers that once lived on the land. Headstones are inscribed with dates leading as far back as the 1700s. Five are easily accessible to the public.
Habitats: 35,000 acres of hardwoods, streams, and ponds.
Access: Open during daylight hours.
Wild life: Woodpeckers, including the red-cockaded woodpecker, warblers, flycatchers, brown-headed nuthatches, chickadees, wood ducks, herons, belted kingfishers, and hawks; also provides habitat for white-tailed deer, squirrels, bats, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, and bobcats.

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As part of a larger study (8), cranial and postcranial material was collected from 350 white-tailed deer during the fall of 2001 at the US Fish and Wildlife Service hunter check station on the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) in Jones and Jasper Counties, Georgia.
Means and ranges for the field dressed weights (kg) for white- tailed deer collected from the Piedmont National Wildlife Refuge, Georgia, during the 2001 fall hunting season.

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