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Place of performance Joensuu region (s122), Central karelia region (s124), Pielinen karelia region (s125), Heinvesi (k090)
To demonstrate the opportunities provided by the new technical approaches and to highlight the magnitude of impact of differential tilting on lake development, Lake Pielinen in eastern Finland was selected for this study, because it has several characteristics that make it ideal for exploring the impact of post-glacial tilting on lake development.
The length of Lake Pielinen is 99 km, maximum width 28 km, and it has 1259 islands, each over 10 [m.
Above remarks were made by visitors to the Pielinen Museum.
We conceptualized LieksaMyst as a means to deliver meaningful information to the Pielinen Museum's visitors onsite within the constraints of the available resources.
Next day I dragged myself out of bed, ears still ringing from the night before, and caught a flight to Joensuu, capital of North Karelia, 400km east of Helsinki, and headed for the shores of Lake Pielinen, an hour's drive away in my hired Volvo.
Finnish-Swedish IT company TietoEnator Corporation said on Thursday (12 August) that it would provide complete financial and personnel administration solutions to the regional service centre of the Pielinen region in Finland.
Indeed on my very first evening -staying at Herranniemi, a family-run B&B beside Lake Pielinen -I soon got into the Finnish swing of things.
The assignment includes the activation of areas of Kuopio, Northern Savo and the Pielinen Karelia municipal road safety work, the development of co-operation and improvement of municipal staff knowledge on road safety.
The assignment includes the activation of regions of Kuopio, Upper Savo and Pielinen Karelia municipal road safety work, the development of cooperation and the improvement of municipal staff traffic safety knowledge.
Eastern Finland regional transport system coordinator-mandate covers eight urban region (Kuopio, Joensuu, Mikkeli, Central Karelia, the Pielinen Karelia, Central Savo and Savonlinna and Northern Savo) transport system plans for further work coordination of regional transport system working group activities, the status and knowledge of the transport management as well as the statement of intent the preparation of sub-regional cooperation projects agreed.