Pierpont Morgan Library

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Pierpont Morgan Library,

originally the private library of J. Pierpont Morgan, in 1924 made a public institution by his son J. P. Morgan as a memorial to his father (see MorganMorgan,
American family of financiers and philanthropists.

Junius Spencer Morgan, 1813–90, b. West Springfield, Mass., prospered at investment banking. As a boy he became a dry-goods clerk in Boston; later he entered a brokerage house in New York City.
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, family). The library is privately supported; it is located at Madison Ave. and 36th St., New York City. It consists of the original Beaux-Arts building (1906) designed by McKim, Mead & White, a 1928 annex, and a modern addition (2006) designed by Renzo Piano. The library is especially rich in illuminated manuscripts and in authors' manuscripts (including works by Dickens, Scott, and Balzac); the collection also includes, among many other riches, hundreds of Bibles in all languages, early printed books, outstanding Old Master prints and drawings, one of the largest collections of Aldine Press editions (see Aldus ManutiusAldus Manutius
or Aldo Manuzio
, 1450–1515, Venetian printer. He was educated as a humanistic scholar and became tutor to several of the great ducal families. One of them, the Pio family, provided him with money to establish a printery in Venice.
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), and the only perfect copy of Malory's Morte d'Arthur printed by Caxton. The publications of the library include monographs, catalogs of collections and exhibits, reprints, and fascimiles. It is open to scholars for research and to the general public for exhibitions and lectures.
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For example, the British Library's Thirteenth Annual Report and that work indispensable to the music cataloguer, Markesinis's German Law of Torts, were always on his shelf of personal reference books, no matter how often he consigned them both to the bin; the Annual Report even followed him to New York where he was presented with a copy at the Pierpont Morgan Library. But he was a master of similar jokes himself.
The collections include those in the Studium Biblicum Franciscanum in Jerusalem, at Columbia University, and in the Pierpont Morgan Library (two articles).
Plummer, who plays Ebenezer Scrooge in the film, recently toured a Charles Dickens exhibit at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York.
He and his wife Anna-Maria founded the American Academy in Berlin for visiting scholars and together they supported the National Gallery of Art in Washington, the Pierpont Morgan Library, the Frick Collection, Lincoln Center and the New School University.
If you are in New York City, go to the Pierpont Morgan Library, ask for the manuscript of Life on the Mississippi, disbound since 2010, finally liberated from the bondage of a tight binding imposed on it by Pierpont Morgan as its collector, and waiting to give you the thrill of a hands-on experience of an authentic article by Mr.
Pierpont Morgan Library) dates from about 1440 or slightly earlier and
Images, texts, and marginalia in a "Vows of the peacock" manuscript (New York, Pierpont Morgan Library MS G24); with a complete concordance and catalogue of Peacock manuscripts.
When we wrote in JEBS 2009 that we would be looking for more examples of manuscripts of major Middle English texts written by the scribe we had identified as "Cornhyll," we hardly expected to find another example so soon as this: New York, Pierpont Morgan Library MS M.875, a copy of John Trevisa's translation of Bartholomeus, De Proprietatibus Rerum, is copied by his hand.
A further dozen pages, sold to raise money for the Red Cross during the first world war, are at the Pierpont Morgan Library in New York, and some others were lost from the library of Queen Mary, University of London about six years ago, reports
None of the manuscripts of Jane Austen's completed novels survive, with the exception of two draft chapters of 'Persuasion' (at the British Library), Austen's juvenile work 'Lady Susan' (at the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York) and the fragment 'Sanditon' (at King's College, Cambridge), the only other autograph novel manuscript of comparable length.
As soon as we are comfortably settled in the 18th century, convinced of our storyteller's omniscience and made to feel totally at home in the world of Handel, Hogarth and Swift, she yanks us back, changes voice and vocabulary, and deposits us in our own era where we suddenly find ourselves squinting at the Delaney exhibition at 50 lux in the Pierpont Morgan Library, sitting face to face with Kim Sloan in her office in the British Museum, pouring over letters at the library in Newport, Wales, examining a sketchbook in the National Gallery of Ireland or being greeted by Ruth Hayden, a lateral descendent of Mary Delaney's, at her country cottage.
Chapter twelve contains an analysis of "Some Illustrations of the Unicorn Apologue from Barlaam and loasaph", written with the late Ruth Pitman, in which careful attention is paid to illuminations in manuscripts now in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, Bibliotheque Royale, Brussels, and the British Library, London.