Pierre Dolivier

Dolivier, Pierre


Born Oct. 21, 1746, in Neschers, Puy-de-D6me; year of death unknown. One of the ideologists of the village poor during the Great French Revolution. Village priest until the fall of 1793.

Like the Enrages, Dolivier expressed the masses’ dissatisfaction at having attained merely political equality. In 1793 he demanded the eradication of private ownership of land and proposed a plan for the gradual, equalizing redistribution of the land through the abolition of the right of inheritance. These plans were directed against the large farmers and the landowning big bourgeoisie. In 1799 he also came out against large-scale bourgeois property holding in the cities. During the first years of the revolution Dolivier was close to the Social Circle and later to the Babouvists.


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