Du Pont, Pierre Samuel

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Du Pont, Pierre Samuel,

1870–1954, American industrialist, b. Wilmington, Del., grad. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1890. Du Pont worked as a chemist with the family's company, helping to develop smokeless powder. In 1902, Pierre and his two cousins, Alfred and Coleman du Pont, bought E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. Pierre became treasurer and later vice president. In 1915, after a group headed by Pierre and including outsiders bought Coleman's stock, Alfred brought suit against Pierre for breach of trust. After four years in court, the case was settled in Pierre's favor, but Alfred and Pierre remained estranged for many years. Under Pierre's presidency (1915–20) the Du Pont company developed scores of chemical manufactures and acquired substantial interests in many other industries, including a large block of General Motors stock. He became president of General Motors in 1920 to protect family interests, but returned to Du Pont as chairman of the board in 1923. He supported Al Smith, and although at first an adherent of Franklin Roosevelt, he later opposed him. Du Pont's former country estate in SE Pennsylvania is now Longwood Gardens.


See J. K. Winkler, The Du Pont Dynasty (1935); M. James, Alfred I. Du Pont, the Family Rebel (1941); biography by A. D. Chandler and S. Salsbury (1970).

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Born at Bergen Point, New Jersey (near New York City) (September 27, 1803), a grandson of Pierre Samuel du Pont de Nemours, the economist; appointed a midshipman (1815), his first service was in the Mediterranean (1817); during duty in European and South American waters, rose to lieutenant (April 1826) and commander (January 1843); commander of Commodore Stockton's flagship, U.
Among other economists who subsequently elaborated on Quesnay's thought are the marquis de Mirabeau, Mercier de la Riviere, Anne Turgot, and Pierre Samuel Du Pont de Nemours.