Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud

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Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud
BirthplaceLimoges, France
EducationCollège du Plessis

Vergniaud, Pierre Victurnien


Born May 31, 1753, in Limoges; died Oct. 31, 1793, in Paris. Active in the Great French Revolution. A lawyer.

In 1791, Vergniaud was elected a deputy to the Legislative Assembly and was its chairman during the uprising of Aug. 10, 1792, which overthrew the monarchy. Being a leader of the Girondists, Vergniaud was elected a deputy to the Convention, where he was a resolute opponent of the Mountain. After the victory of the popular uprising of May 31-June 2, 1793, Vergniaud was arrested and sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Tribunal.

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The Saturn analogy, depicted in many illustrious paintings, was made by Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud. A revolutionary and an excellent orator from the revolution's Girondists faction, he opposed the Jacobins and was another victim of the Terror that ended only after Maximilien de Robespierre, a leading Jacobin, was beheaded in 1794.