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pigeon English:

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, a lingua franca that is not the mother tongue of anyone using it and that has a simplified grammar and a restricted, often polyglot vocabulary. The earliest documented pidgin is the Lingua Franca (or Sabir) that developed among merchants and traders in the Mediterranean
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For a second some viewers thought they'd stumbled upon one of those late night Open University programmes when funny sounding foreigners speak in pigeon English.
I can speak 19 languages, from pigeon English to Manadarin duck, which helps when I am travelling.
PAPERBACKS 1 Pure, Andrew Miller 2 Before I Go To Sleep, S J Watson 3 Call The Midwife, Jennifer Worth 4 War Horse, Michael Morpurgo 5 Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks 6 My Dear I Wanted To Tell You, Louisa Young 7 War Horse: Movie Tie-in, Michael Morpurgo 8 Pigeon English, Stephen Kelman 9 Birdsong: TV Series Tie-in, Sebastian Faulks 10 Daughters-In-Law, Joanna Trollope HARDBACKS 1 Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, Jeff Kinney 2 Gangsta Granny, David Walliams 3 French Children Don't Throw Food, Pamela Druckerman 4 The Etymologicon, Mark Forsyth 5 The Promise, Lesley Pearse 6 Private Games, James Patterson 7 The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas, Ruth Brocklehurst 8 Bradshaw's Handbook, George Bradshaw 9 The Sense Of An Ending, Julian Barnes 10 Birthdays For The Dead, Stuart MacBride
Alongside McGuinness, there are three other first-time novelists, one of which is Stephen Kelman, whose debut novel, Pigeon English, draws on the murder of 10-year-old Damilola Taylor.
8/10 * Pigeon English, by Stephen Kelman, is published as a trade paperback by Bloomsbury, priced pounds 12.
Perhaps it took the piecemeal, pigeon English of a foreign coach to cut to the chase.