Pilgrim Thanksgiving Day

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Day (Plymouth, Massachusetts)

Last Thursday in November
Ten thousand visitors flock to Plymouth, Massachusetts, on Thanksgiving Day to watch the annual procession from Plymouth Rock to the First Parish Church, where the congregation sings the same psalms sung by the original Pilgrims more than three and a half centuries ago. Each marcher represents one of the men, women, and children who survived the 1620 trip from England aboard the Mayflower to form the settlement known as Plimoth Plantation.
The modern-day Plimoth Plantation is a living-history village that recreates Pilgrim life in 1627. Costumed actors and historians carry out many of the same activities performed by the original Pilgrims, such as sheep-shearing, building houses, planting crops, weeding gardens, and cooking. Each November Plimoth offers a variety of programs as well as period dining that features original Thanksgiving Day foods.
Plimoth Plantation
137 Warren Ave.
P.O. Box 1620
Plymouth, MA 02360
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