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Pili nuts are pure heaven, like they made of hard butter. They have the highest oil content of any nut. (great for brain, nerves) Also the nut with the highest amount of magnesium and Vitamin E (great for heart, stress, nerves, muscles, bones, immune, anti-aging) High in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, B Vitamins, Omega Fatty Acids and protein. Contains all 8 essential amino acids. Used for blood pressure, muscle, hormones, energy, bones, liver detox, protein. Can be eaten raw, soaked or cooked. Gives smoothies a thick, buttery texture.
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For Sorsogon, the first batch of assistance included the following: five (5) units of handtractors; various garden tools; 10 units of motorized bancas; 1,000 bags of palay seeds; 200 bags of OPV and hybrid corn seeds; nearly 8,000 sachets of assorted vegetables; three (3) modules of goats and sheep; 8,000 pieces of pili nut seedlings; and eight heads of carabao with implements.
Yap however said it is hard to believe that the paper bag contained pili nuts.
Plus, there's a handful of other species most Americans have probably never heard of, like atemoya (also called custard apple), pili nuts, peach palm, and acerola cherry.