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(Greek, πιvακoθηκη; German, Pinakothek; Italian, pinacoteca), a picture gallery.

In antiquity the Athenian Pinakotheke was famous. It was located on the Acropolis and occupied the northern wing of the Propylaea. The name “Pinacotheca” was given to several picture galleries founded in the 19th century, the most famous ones being the Old and New Pinakotheks in Munich and the pinacote cas in Northern and Central Italy (Milan, Turin, Brescia, Lucca, Bologna, and Rome).


A picture gallery.
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The marvellous Pinacoteca di Brera, part of the palace at Via Brera (8.
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Neste artigo me ative a versao exibida na ultima restrospectiva dedicada ao artista realizada na Estacao Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo entre marco e maio de 2010.
Nesse intuito, foram percorridos os caminhos da construcao de uma colecao publica, a Pinacoteca Municipal, passando pela oficializacao dos saloes de arte na decada de 1940, como parte do processo de institucionalizacao das artes na capital do estado e, finalmente, acompanhando a trajetoria da pintora paraense Antonieta Santos Feio, suas incursoes e dialogos com o moderno.
Margaret Flansburg confronts this problem in her essay on Simone Martini's Beato Agostino Novello Altarpiece, originally located in the Sienese convent of the Augustinian Hermits and now housed, in somewhat reduced form, in that city's Pinacoteca Nazionale.
Caravaggio's two versions of The Supper at Emmaus (London National Gallery, 1601; Milan Pinacoteca di Brera, 1606), hung side by side at the beginning of the exhibition, mark a radical change of style (although a change incipient in two paintings of 1601: The Conversion of St Paul and The Crucifixion of St Peter, both in the Church of Santa Maria dei Popolo in Rome).
The medieval palaces of Podesta and Communale house works of art, while the Pinacoteca Nazionale is one of the finest art galleries in Northern Italy.
The oil on wood painting of the Enthroned Virgin and Child with nuns, now in the Pinacoteca Malaspina in the Museo Civico, Pavia, measures 100 x 50cm (fig.