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(Greek, πιvακoθηκη; German, Pinakothek; Italian, pinacoteca), a picture gallery.

In antiquity the Athenian Pinakotheke was famous. It was located on the Acropolis and occupied the northern wing of the Propylaea. The name “Pinacotheca” was given to several picture galleries founded in the 19th century, the most famous ones being the Old and New Pinakotheks in Munich and the pinacote cas in Northern and Central Italy (Milan, Turin, Brescia, Lucca, Bologna, and Rome).


A picture gallery.
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Erytraeus (Gian Victoria Rossi), a brilliant satirist whose Pinacotheca imaginorum illustrium virorum has long been held to reflect its author's tendency to judge his subjects: for Erytraeus/Rossi, see Russell, 13-14, n.
The Pinacotheca or picture-gallery on the Athenian Acropolis, and the Lesche, `club-house' (or perhaps council-room), at Delphi both housed an elaborate cycle of paintings -- an account of Greek origins.
His sculptures are in such places as the Museum of Medallic Art in Wroclaw, the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, the British Museum, and the Vatican Pinacotheca.