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Our combined vision is to provide owners and managers with the information, technology, and products needed to run their buildings more efficiency," stated Pindus.
In North America, we call the brown bear a grizzly if he lives in inland Alaska, the Yukon, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta and the states of Washington, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho, but they are actually brown bears like one might encounter in the Pindus Mountains of northern Greece.
The Vlachs or Aromani lived mostly in the Pindus area and in several trading centers.
Interestingly, Captain Leake situates the home of Phrosine, not in Ioannina but some thirty miles south-east in the romantic mountain village of Kalarytes, a beautiful, verdurous, and well-watered location in the Pindus range.
And in yet another rationalization of amateur sport, Horace Smith wrote: "For Bays did ancient bards compete,/Gathered on Pindus and Parnassus,/They by the leaf were paid, not sheet,/And that's the reason they surpass us" (11).
From left to right: Andrew Green of the Craft Guild of Chefs presents the CATERING PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD to Nicola Pahl of Barilla and Adam Pindus of Sagegreen Consulting Ltd assisted by Stephen Waugh, President of the British Frozen Food Federation
The six Greek Orthodox monasteries are built on spectacular natural rock pillars on the edge of the Pindus Mountains.
Scenes in For Your Eyes Only were shot at Greece's magestic Meteora, six Greek Orthodox monasteries built on spectacular natural rock pillars on the edge of the Pindus Mountains.
Smith Nightengale, Demetra and Nancy Pindus 1998 "Privatization of Public Social Services: A Background Paper.
November 8-10 Greek forces trap and defeat an elite Italian alpine division in Greece's Pindus Mountains.
Other factors related to decreased likelihood of working include presence of disabilities; job availability; primary responsibility for toddlers or infants; and family supports, for example, child support or earnings from other sources (Pavetti, Olson, Pindus, & Pernas, 1996).
To the south and east, the Pindus Mountains occupy much of northern Greece and separate it from Eastern Europe.