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He had humble beginnings in Glasgow and, after his police sergeant father died when he was a child, Allan Pinkerton grew up in poverty.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Stockholm-based Securitas AB, Pinkertons is a leading provider of world-class, global security solutions.
Adler found crinkled, yellowed and cracked papers detailing detectives' investigations of the Molly Maguires, a secret group founded by coal miners in Pennsylvania that used terrorist tactics against mine owners until it was infiltrated by the Pinkertons.
But, on one occasion, just once, William Pinkerton, son of the firm's founder, turned a blind eye to crime.
where he has been employed since January 1, 2000 following the Pinkertons acquisition of American Protective Services, Inc.
In addition to providing security briefings and intelligence updates, Pinkerton conducts corporate investigations and risk assessments that include financial audits to determine vulnerability to potential fraud.
Pinkerton will conduct the "2002 High-Rise Survey" at BOMA to best understand and define the current atmosphere for building and property security programs and will make it also available online at www.
Pinkerton provides prevention and rapid response services
Workplace violence is considered the most significant security threat to American business, according to a seventh-annual survey of Fortune 1000 corporate security professionals by Pinkerton, the nation's largest security services company.
Pinkerton then designs solutions to stem losses and more effectively control the production and movement of their products, and assists the client with the implementation of these solutions.
Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations, a division of the nation's oldest and largest security services firm, has entered into a strategic alliance with RiskWatch Inc.