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Young birds and rehabilitated adult birds were released at Pinnacles National Monument and other sites as early as 1992.
Mile 42.7: Turn right into Pinnacles National Monument, then stop 3 miles in at the Peaks View parking area for a short walk.
Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and Pinnacles National Monument to facilitate the condors' recovery.
There's a new reason to visit Pinnacles National Monument: Bear Gulch Cave, a tunnel-like jumble of boulders formed by thousands of years of water erosion, reopened to visitors last year.
In addition, big-eared bats have moved into talus caves at Pinnacles National Monument in California.
From Dry Wall, an eroded cliff in the new eastern addition to Pinnacles National Monument, resource management chief Larry Whalon can spot rocky Hawkins Peak rising among the park's otherworldly volcanic spires.
In January, President Clinton launched this effort by designating lands adjacent to Grand Canyon National Park and Pinnacles National Monument. He also declared national monuments along the coast of California and a 71,000-acre area 40 miles north of Phoenix, Arizona.
The president also added nearly 8,000 acres to Pinnacles National Monument.
Pinnacles National Monument A freak of the San Andreas Fault, the eerie jumble of rocks and spires that forms Pinnacles National Monument was created by volcanic activity some 23 million years ago.
At Pinnacles National Monument, 80 miles south of San Jose, eroded volcanic spires present an imposing challenge to any hiker.