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brothers who were Spanish navigators.

Vicente Yáñez Pinzón. Born 1460 in Palos; died circa 1524.

In 1492-93, Pinzón commanded the Niña during Columbus’ first voyage. In 1500, at the head of a flotilla of four ships, he discovered a section of the Brazilian coast located between 6° S lat. and 5° N lat., the mouth of the Amazon River, the coast of Guyana (independently of A. de Ojeda), the mouth of the Orinoco River, and the island of Tobago. In 1508-09 he discovered, together with J. de Solís, the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula between 16° and 18° N lat.

Martín Alonso Pinzón. Born circa 1440 in Palos; died there March or April 1493.

One of the organizers of Columbus’ first voyage, Pinzón was commander of the Pinta (1492-93).