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brothers who were Spanish navigators.

Vicente Yáñez Pinzón. Born 1460 in Palos; died circa 1524.

In 1492-93, Pinzón commanded the Niña during Columbus’ first voyage. In 1500, at the head of a flotilla of four ships, he discovered a section of the Brazilian coast located between 6° S lat. and 5° N lat., the mouth of the Amazon River, the coast of Guyana (independently of A. de Ojeda), the mouth of the Orinoco River, and the island of Tobago. In 1508-09 he discovered, together with J. de Solís, the eastern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula between 16° and 18° N lat.

Martín Alonso Pinzón. Born circa 1440 in Palos; died there March or April 1493.

One of the organizers of Columbus’ first voyage, Pinzón was commander of the Pinta (1492-93).

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Referring to the large number of rebels who were demobilized, Pinzon said it was an important signal that the rebels sought the protection of government forces, Xinhua reported.
Pinzon failed to back up his vague claim with any precise details.
Omar Pinzon of Colombia was sixth best and Hungary's Laszlo Cseh was seventh while Dubai-based Serbian and London 2012 Olympic Games finalist Velimir Stjepanovic was the last one making it to the final that was scheduled later last night.
And though the conference itself has finished, youth change just started, and we will be happy to have all the delegates as participants of other programmes and initiatives of TYC", concluded Executive Director of The Youth Company Diego Pinzon.
Executive Director of The Youth Company Diego Pinzon said, "We will be happy to have all the delegates as participants in other programmes and initiatives of The Youth Company.
Even so, it is difficult for women to come forward; as Monica Pinzon noted, the stigma of rape continues to hinder the psychological support workshops that women's groups have tried to organize in rural communities because women are less likely to identify themselves as having personal experiences of sexual or reproductive violence.
Esta observacion lo condujo (serendipia) a la hipotesis que el pinzon picamaderos, el pinzon curruca, el pinzon arboricola, el pinzon terrestre, el pinzon vampiro y el pinzon mosquitero, eran el producto de la evolucion de una especie ancestral de pinzon granivoro proveniente de la tierra firme de Sudamerica, que en cada isla se habia adaptado a la alimentacion disponible y a los nichos ecologicos vacantes (diversificacion adaptativa por seleccion natural).
Pimentel Rios, 54, was described by fellow Kaibiles Favio Pinzon and Cesar Franco as having a particularly vicious streak in his character.
The most interesting aspect is that Bogota has a (crime) index much Lower than cities that a tourist would visit without even considering safety issues," said Marcela Pinzon, a spokesperson for the Bogota Convention Bureau.
Auparavant, la mort du chef des Farc, l'une des deux guerillas encore actives en Colombie avec l'Armee de liberation nationale (ELN), avait ete confirmee par le gouverneur du departement de Cauca (sud-ouest), oE il a ete abattu, puis par le ministre de la Defense Juan Carlos Pinzon, quelques minutes avant le president.
I want to congratulate Defence Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon, the army, the air force, the national guard, the police, all the soldiers and police of Colombia because, thanks to their perseverance, to their courage, this great blow was achieved, a historic blow for Colombian armed forces.
International attention is on the key players, such as the government, guerrillas, and the paramilitary, but not on the ordinary people," according to Ricardo Pinzon, Executive Director of MEN-COLDES, the Colombian Mennonite Foundation for Development.