Pioneer Brigade

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Pioneer Brigade


(Russian,druzhina pionerskaia), the basic unit of the V. I. Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization. The term druzhina pionerskaia came into use in the Pioneer organization in 1942 as a symbol of the heroism of the combat druzhiny of the 1905-07 revolution. Pioneer brigades are organized in general education schools, boarding schools, Suvorov (military) and Nakhimov (naval) schools, and children’s homes. During school vacations Pioneer brigades are formed in all Pioneer camps. There are usually several hundred Pioneers in a brigade. In 1971 the All-Union Pioneer Organization had about 120,000 Pioneer brigades with 23 million Pioneers. The Pioneer assembly is the highest body of the Pioneer brigade. The council of the Pioneer brigade, an elected collective body of self-government, supervises the day-to-day work of the brigade, directs Pioneer detachments and younger children’s “October” groups, and establishes detachments, clubs, hobby groups, sports sections, and other special-purpose associations in schools and near the pupils’ residences.

The main subdivision of the Pioneer brigade is the detachment, which is usually made up of Pioneers in the same grade and which consists of “links.” Each Pioneer brigade has its Red Banner and each detachment its Red Flag. The work of the Pioneer brigades is conducted in accordance with Regulations for the V. I. Lenin All-Union Pioneer Organization. The Pioneer brigades operate under the leadership of the Komsomol and in contact with teachers and the public; the extracurricular work of pupils in grades 1 through 8 is conducted through the Pioneer brigades. The best Pioneers are admitted into the All-Union Leninist Communist Youth League (VLKSM) on the recommendation of the council of the Pioneer brigade. Councils of friends from among representatives of plants, institutions, sovkhozes, kolkhozes, and other organizations work with the Pioneer brigades. A senior Pioneer leader is assigned by the VLKSM to supervise the Pioneer brigade. Pioneer brigades unite to form raion and city organizations headed by the organ of collective leadership—the council of the Pioneer organization.

All-Union and republic contests of Pioneer brigades and inspections of their work are held regularly. The Pioneer brigades and detachments that have distinguished themselves the most receive memorial Komsomol banners and certificates of honor, and their names are entered into the Book of Honor of the All-Union Pioneer Organization.

The term “Pioneer brigade” is also used in the Pioneer organizations of several other socialist countries.


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