Piovene, Guido

Piovene, Guido


Born July 27, 1907, in Vicenza; died Nov. 12,1974, in London. Italian writer and journalist.

Piovene’s novel The Black Newspaper (1943) provides a psychological examination of a crime, while his novel Pity Against Pity (1946) has an antiwar theme. In his book of sketches Journey to Italy (1957), Piovene touched on problems of the postwar years. The autobiographical work Guilty Conscience (1962) and the novel The Furies (1963) contain some elements of a critical examination of the past and condemnation of Fascism. Cold Stars (1970), a psychological novel, deals with the tragic alienation of the contemporary Western intellectual.


Il nonno tigre. [Milan] 1972.
L’Europa semilibera. [Milan] 1973.


Catalano, G. Piovene. Florence, 1967.
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