pipe rolls

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pipe rolls,

ancient records of the crown revenue and expenditures of England, so called, probably, because of the pipelike form of the rolled parchments on which these records were kept. The oldest extant pipe roll dates from the 31st year of the reign of Henry I (1130), and from 1156 they are almost completely intact. The earliest of these records have been published and are an invaluable source for social and administrative history. The pipe rolls were not completely abandoned for modern accounting methods until 1833.
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With social and economic data drawn from records of the Exchequer of the Jews, pipe rolls of the Royal Exchequer, and letter rolls from the Royal Chancery, and utilizing the recent scholarship of Robert Stacey, Robin Mundill, Paul Brand, and others, Huscroft has produced a very readable overview of the history of the Jews of England from the Norman Conquest to their mass expulsion in 1290.
Just one second of computer generation is used to link the two halves - when an exhaust pipe rolls across the floor.
Besides volumes of both the Great and Little Domesday, the exhibition will contain other important medieval manuscripts connected with the administration of the kingdom, including Hundred Rolls (from the reign of Edward I) and Pipe Rolls (the annual records of the medieval Exchequer).