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(organic chemistry)
C4H10N2 A cyclic compound; colorless, deliquescent crystals, melting at 104-107°C; soluble in water, alcohol, glycerol, and glycols; absorbs carbon dioxide from air; used in medicine.



(or diethylenediimine), a heterocyclic compound; colorless crystals. Melting point, 104°C; boiling point, 145°-146°C. Poorly soluble in water and ether; readily soluble in alcohol.

Piperazine is a strong base. It is obtained by hydrogenation of pyrazine or 2,5-piperazinedione or condensation of dibromo-ethane with ammonia. Piperazine and its derivatives are used in analytical chemistry for microcrystalloscopic identification of Mo, V, and W and in medicine (in the form of salts of adipinic, citric, phosphoric, or sulfuric acid) as an anthelmintic in cases of ascariasis and enterobiasis.

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All of members above contain the unsymmetrically N,N-diarylated piperazine moiety (Fig.
2] in Aqueous Methyldiethanolamine and N,N-Bis(hydroxyethyl) Piperazine Solutions," Ind.
BZP - Benzyl Piperazine - is a worm medicine for animals and humans.
An efficient asymmetric hydrogenation approach to the synthesis of the Crixivan[R] piperazine intermediate.
BZP contains piperazine which is used as an anti-worming agent and is found in human and veterinary products.
And the study suggests the piperazine analogues of agmatine would have the properties we are looking for.
Rare cases of life-threatening liver failure have been reported in a few patients treated with nefazodone, a drug in a class of antidepressants known as piperazine antidepressants, so call your health care professional if you have any of the following symptoms: yellowing of the skin or white of eyes, unusually dark urine, loss of appetite that lasts for several days, nausea or abdominal pain.
Cinnarizine is a piperazine that exerts calcium channel blocking effects.
A wide range of structurally distinct compounds such as the psychostimulant cocaine and GBR 12909, a piperazine derivative, bind to DAT and block its transport activity.
estropipate Plant-derived estrone stabilized with piperazine in a tablet formulation.