Pirke Avot

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Pirke Avot:

see MishnaMishna
, in Judaism, codified collection of Oral Law—legal interpretations of portions of the biblical books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy and other legal material. Together with the Gemara, or Amoraic commentary on the Mishna, it comprises the Talmud.
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His "anti-this-worldliness" stems from considerations very different from those of Rabbi Ya'akov's, but our mishna from Pirke Avot dovetails with his value-system as well.
Yosef Chayyim ben Yitzchak Caro, Minchat Shabbat (Solet LeMincha), Hebrew, commentary to Pirke Avot, Krotoshin, 1847, ad loc.
The exhortations of the Sages in Pirke Avot insist on the wisdom of the Torah and on the guidance to this wisdom provided the rabbis.
21) Significantly, the traditional reading of Pirke Avot -- one chapter each Sabbath during the spring and summer months -- opens with a statement, prefixed to each of the six chapters: "Everyone of Israel has a portion in the world to come, for it is said, 'And thy people are all righteous: they shall inherit the land for ever.