Pishchevaia Promyshlennost

Pishchevaia Promyshlennost’


(Food Industry), a central publishing house of the State Committee of the USSR Council of Ministers on Publishing, Printing, and the Book Trade. Founded in Moscow in 1932 under the name Snabtekhiz-dat, it became part of the People’s Commissariat for the Food Industry of the USSR in 1934 and was renamed Pishchepromiz-dat. In 1963 it acquired its present name, Pishchevaia Promyshlennost’. It publishes scientific works, textbooks, production-technology manuals, guides, and popular scientific literature on the food-processing, meat-packing, fishing, and dairy industries. It also publishes literature for mass distribution on the efficient use of food products at home.

In 1973, Pishchevaia Promyshlennost’ published 158 titles with a total printing of 2,327,000 copies, or 41 million printer’s sheets. The publishing house puts out 11 scientific-technical and production-technological journals, including Miasnaia industriia SSSR (The Meat-packing Industry in the USSR), Molochnaia promyshlennost’ (The Dairy Industry), and Rybnoe khoziastvo (Fishery), with a total annual printing of 1,073,000 copies.