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Temperature- and parasite-induced changes in toxicity and lethal body burdens of pentachlorophenol in the freshwater clam Pisidium amnicum.
Digenean parasites of the bivalve mollusc Pisidium amnicum in a small river in eastern Finland.
Note also that most of the molluscs consumed in this study were represented by species such as Pisidium sp.
In laboratory, animals were determined to species level, except Oligochaeta, Ostracoda, Pisidium and Sphaerium clams, leeches, insect larvae, and juvenile gammarids.
Low densities or a complete lack of Coleoptera (Acilius and Dytiscus), Hirudinae (Erpobdella, Glossiphonia, and Nephelopsis), Trichoptera (Triaenodes, and Limnephilus), Notonecta, Somatochlora, Hyalella and Pisidium also helped define this community.
2000) as the bivalves Pisidium amnicum (Muller, 1774) and the snails Valvata profunda (Clessin, 1887) and Valvata depressa (Pfeiffer, 1828).
Muller), and Pisidium casertanum (Poli)] were studied.
Pisidium (Pisidium) idahoense Roper, 1890 giant northern peaclam Native