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Other references to Herodotus are: Aristotle's Constitution of Athens, 14, where he is cited as the source of one of the hypotheses concerning the identity of Phya, the woman accompanying Pisistratus in his dramatic entrance to Athens; Rhetorica 3.
Solon's boy lovers included Pisistratus, the future tyrant and Solon's lifelong ally.
9) At this, the court: Helen, Telemachus, Menelaus and Pisistratus break down in tears.
the son of Pisistratus brought back to Thasos men (?
It's as if the technologies of sound reproduction have reversed the moment of Pisistratus (the tyrant of Athens who, the lore has it, instigated whatever process it was that got Homer written down, transforming the Iliad and Odyssey from variable oral poems (4) into fixed texts).
Had Polyphemus practiced the values of xenia, as evidenced earlier in Telemachus' treatment of the stranger at his doorsill and Menelaus's hospitality toward Telemachus and Pisistratus on their unannounced visit to the Spartan king, he would not have been so forward as to ask these probing questions before making his "guests" welcome.
According to Strauss, Thucydides believes that, since the Athenians purified the same island as Pisistratus did and reestablished an Ionian athletic festival that had existed during Homer's time on the island, humans will consistently react to similar situations in the same way.
Athenian ruler Pisistratus sought to bring the poor peasants and woodcutters of the Attic countryside into the life of the city of Athens.
Other characters, who may or may not be members of the Seven Sages (depending on who is providing the list), include: (8) Anacharsis, (9) Myson, (10) Pherecydes, (11) Epimenides, (12) Pisistratus, and (13) Acusilaus.
Athens, where Epimenides, Pisistratus and Solon discuss the policy of Athens (i.
It was here that his father Pisistratus had landed in 546 for his successful bid for the tyranny in Athens.
Is it owed to Tradition with a capital T, to the spirit of the Hellenic Volk, to an Editorial Board chaired by Pisistratus, to a poet's inspired pen, or to the genius of a single illiterate composer?