Pitcairn Island

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Pitcairn Island,

volcanic island (2005 est. pop. 45), 2.5 sq mi (6.5 sq km), South Pacific, SE of Tuamotu Archipelago. Adamstown is the capital and only settlement. The first British Pacific Islands possession (1838), the island is officially administered by a governor (the British High Commissioner to New Zealand) as part of the overseas territory of Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands (Pitcairn and three neighboring, uninhabited atolls). Under the 2010 constitution, executive and legislative powers reside with the governor, who must consult with the mayor and Island Council in making laws. Handicrafts, honey, and postage stamps along with tourism (developed in the 21st cent.) are the main source of income, and the remote island is dependent on British and European Union aid. Pitcairn has no port or natural harbor; goods must be ferried from ships anchored offshore.

The island was named in 1767 by Capt. Philip Carteret, a British naval officer, after Robert Pitcairn, the midshipman who first sighted it. It was colonized in 1790 by mutineers from the BountyBounty,
British naval vessel, a 220-ton (200-metric-ton), 85-ft (26-m) cutter, commanded by William Bligh. She set sail for the Pacific in Dec., 1787, to transport breadfruit trees from the Society Islands to the West Indies. On Apr.
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 and Tahitian women, who discovered vestiges of previous Polynesian settlement. Their descendants, who speak an English dialect and are Seventh-day Adventists, still inhabit the island. In 1856 overpopulation caused the removal of the inhabitants, at their request, to Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
, island (2005 est. pop. 1,800), 13 sq mi (34 sq km), South Pacific, a territory of Australia, c.1,035 mi (1,670 km) NE of Sydney. Its capital is Kingston.
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, but some soon returned to Pitcairn. In 1957 the remains of the Bounty were discovered off the southern end of the island.

Pitcairn Island

an island in the S Pacific: forms with the islands of Ducie, Henderson and Oeno (all uninhabited) a UK Overseas Territory; Pitcairn itself was uninhabited until the landing in 1790 of the mutineers of H.M.S. Bounty and their Tahitian companions. Pop.: 47 (2004 est.). Area: 4.6 sq. km (1.75 sq. miles)
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Music, Dance and Cultural Heritage on Norfolk and Pitcairn Islands.
Among those convicted was the Pitcairn Island mayor, Steve Christian, who claims to be a direct descendant of mutiny leader Fletcher Christian The men were tried for a string of 51 sex attacks, dating back up to 40 years, on women and girls on the island, which has a permanent population of only 47.
Apart from Steve Christian, the other six defendants are: Jay Warren, a former Pitcairn Island magistrate; Randy Christian; Dave Brown; Len Brown; and Terry Young.
In 2013, Pew and National Geographic joined the local elected body, the Pitcairn Island Council, in submitting a proposal calling for the creation of a marine reserve to protect these spectacular waters.
SIX men, half the adult males on tiny Pitcairn Island, have been jailed for up to six years for rapes and sex attacks dating back 40 years on the isolated Pacific home of the Bounty mutineers of 1789.
Six men comprising half the adult males of tiny Pitcairn Island were today sentenced for up to six years in prison for rapes and sex attacks dating back 40 years on the isolated Pacific home of the HMS Bounty mutineers.
The New Zealand defense team continues to challenge British jurisdiction over Pitcairn Island and thus the legitimacy of the trials.
We went to Pitcairn Island Where the Bounty ran ashoreNo it's not a bar of chocolate but a British man of war.
NEWS of the first birth on Pitcairn Island for 17 years makes you wonder what kind of place it can be.
But what happened to the mutineers after that, when they settled on Pitcairn Island in the south Pacific?
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