Pitt Island

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Pitt Island:

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, also known as Makin , triangular atoll (4.5 sq mi/11.7 sq km; 1990 pop. 3,786), central Pacific, in the Gilbert Islands and part of the Republic of Kiribati. The town of Butaritari on the southernmost islet is a port of entry.
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So, I headed back to Ribbonwood on the fifth day of the hunt in search of a trophy Pitt Island Sheep.
It's true that Pitt Island - part of the Chatham archipelago - looks, somewhat disappointingly, a bit too much like home; rolling hills and grazing livestock were a European introduction.
On Pitt Island, all 14 school-aged children have been immunised, with the local nurse assisted by a Chatham Islands' nurse, who arrived by plane with a chilly-bin of vaccine.
There are around 700 people living on Chatham Island and neighbouring Pitt Island.
Reportedly, the billionaire chairman and CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, will host a huge party on the island of Fiji, neighbor to Pitt Island, which claims to be the point on earth to first ring in the new millennium.
Pitt Island farmer Ruka Lanauze, a member of the family that owns land on Mt.
However, because of the way the earth travels round the sun, some experts say the first land to see in the dawn will be tiny Pitt Island off the east coast of New Zealand.
Norris McWhirter, of Guinness Book of Records fame, says the first inhabited place will be Pitt Island, in the Chatham Islands group, 500 miles east of New Zealand.
According to their calculations, the sun will rise over the 231-metre summit of Mount Hapeka on Pitt Island, the most easterly inhabited island in the group, at 03:59 (15:59 GMT) on the morning of 1 January 2000.
And the first inhabited place that will see the sun that day is tiny Pitt Island (population 55), part of the Chathams, 467 miles east of the New Zealand mainland.
Guinness Book Of Records co-founder Norris McWhirter has bought the highest hill on Pitt Island near New Zealand for TV crews and tourists who want to be among the first to see the new millennium sunrise.