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Pitzer College:

see Claremont CollegesClaremont Colleges,
at Claremont, Calif.; including five liberal arts and sciences colleges and two graduate schools; founded 1925, known until 1961 as the Associated Colleges at Claremont. Their history began with Pomona College (inc.
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In 2016, Alegria Martinez, 21, a senior at Pitzer College, painted a mural on her campus that read,"White girl, take off your hoops
The video conference, part of Habib University's Global Classroom Connect initiative, is one of the many activities included in Habib University's partnership agreement with Pitzer College.
The Pitzer College student's advertisement said in part that she refused to "live with any white folks," the Associated Press (http://abcnews.
It also said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif invited the group, which included the University of Southern California (USC), Rutgers, Ball State University, Pitzer College and Wayne State University
In a May 12 Huffington Post article, Pitzer College Sociology and Secular Studies Professor Phil Zuckerman gave numerous statistics on the decline of religion around the world.
At Pitzer College in Claremont, California, housing applications include questions like this: "Under what is your personal gender identity?
Brinda Sarathy, associate professor of environmental analysis at Pitzer College (U.
Seymour is a faculty member of Pitzer College, California.
Maria D'Alessandro, a graduate of Pitzer College and legal / business affairs specialist at a mini-major film studio responsible for the production of Academy Award-winning feature films, founded First Mind Management, LLC in 2014.
At Pitzer College in Claremont, California, an applicant was denied admission because of offensive comments he had posted on Facebook about one of his teachers.
Bill Anthes, associate professor of art history at Pitzer College, goes into depth about another lesser known aspect of Marisol's work: her representations of Native Americans, mainly sculpted portraits based on historical photographs.
In Lijiang Stories: Shamans, Taxi Drivers, and Runaway Brides in Reform-Era China, Emily Chao, an anthropologist at Pitzer College, discusses a ritual conducted in 1991 in a village in the Lijiang basin of southwestern China.